Friday, June 24, 2011

Style File

In an attempt to bring bigger! better! faster! content to the 'ol blog, I thought it'd be fun to start doing a weekly style feature. Because I spend so much time at home, I've pretty much become a full-time t-shirt and jeans girl. I've always wanted to be able to incorporate my love of vintage and classic girly into both my wardrobe and home, so I thought scouring the internets for cute things might help push me out of my comfort rut.

This week's selections:

Sailor's Sweetheart Tee

It's no secret I've got a yen for sailor-inspired wear and this top is the perfect combo of casual and cute.

Soda Shoppe Saddle Shoes

I know saddle shoes aren't everyone's cup of tea, but they (and penny loafers) were my favorite part of going to a catholic high school. I think the little heel updates it perfectly.

Vintage Hairstyling 2nd Edition

There's a book to teach me? You know I love to read and learn! If they ever come out with a 60s hairstyling edition, I'm getting it INSANTLY.

Airmail Pouch

Classic. Adorable. Useful. That is all.

Picture Perfect Pencil Sharpener

So cute! I tend to use mechanical pencils if I use them at all, but I'd stock up on good 'ol #2s for this sharpener.

Hope you like this new feature! I've been knitting up a storm and hope to have new stuff to show you by next week. Happy weekend, everyone!

No money nor incentives were received from anyone for mentioning the above items or shops. I just like them :)

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  1. I want a pencil sharpener like that!!! I think I would just walk around asking people if they need their pencils sharpened just so I can carry it around with me!

    Love the new feature. It's so you. :)

  2. There's lots of great vintage hair tutorials on youtube! Not that I'm necessarily talented enough to tackle them... but I often feel like I have T-Rex arms :)

    I'm going to post some of my favorites from this week tonight and one of them is an awesome vintage gramophone pencil sharpener!

  3. Moody: Thanks! I'm having fun finding new items and it's totally reinvigorated my desire to blog.

    Velvet: Hee - t-rex arms. I think I need to get me some clip-in hair before I try tackling old styles - my thin little locks can only develop so much volume! Also, there's a gramophone sharpener? I think might feel the need to start collecting vintage-inspired sharpeners coming on. :) Can't wait to check out your post!