Thursday, December 30, 2010

Retro Indie Market

With the chaos of the Christmas season over, I finally have time to concentrate on getting ready for my first craft show! What's that you say? I hadn't mentioned it yet? Well, peep it:

Isn't that the cutest flyer? Leads me to believe the whole event will be adorable. But do you see that date? I only have a little over a month to get everything ready, which might sound like a long time but really isn't. I have to get everything from business cards to merchandise to display items ready and while I'm crazy with excitement I'm also super anxious. It's my very first time presenting my items to the public in person and I want to put my bestest foot forward and have everything be as perfect as possible. To keep in theme with the event I'm also happy that I get to create more items that reflect my love of the retro-inspired and have ideas for bookmarkers, hair accessories, and even wallets! I just hope they work out as well in execution as they do in my imagination.

So, with all I have going on, it is absolute perfect timing that I have some new toys to play with.

Crafter's Little Helper

Makes everything from laminations to stickers to magnets - what?!
The Dremel was a Christmas gift and one I have been not-too-subtly-dropping-hints-for for AGES. The Xyron 505 Laminator is an outdated version of the Xyron Creative Station and a total STEAL at $12.00 on eBay. I love finding a good bargain! Luckily, it still uses the new cartridges available for the current version - though each one costs more than my laminator did. Still, I'm excited and have some big PLANS for these little guys. 

Monday, December 6, 2010

It MUST Be That Time Of Year...

... 'cause I've been making sales! Most popular item in the shop?

Owl Cuff!
I've already sold three of these suckers and I just listed them on Friday! Also popular, special order beanies! I've been knitting non-stop since Monday and just finished up the last beanie. Now I just have to make a scarf and that package can go out.

Also, I participated in my first trade! Have you guys traded on Etsy before? I hadn't. I got a convo from someone saying they loved a particular beanie of mine and would I be interested in trading for something in their shop. Would I?! Yeah! Not only was I able to trade for TWO of their items, but I was able to get one personalized. All for the cost of my beanie and the 0.20 listing fee. Totally worth it! I didn't know people traded on Etsy at all - but I LIKE it. I think I'd feel a little weird initiating a trade at this point 'cause what if they don't like my items? And their reaction is "how 'bout you just give me the cash, you tight wad?" But I'm all for people trading with me!

So busy, busy! And happy. It's still only paying off in small bits right now but I know it'll just keep growing, growing! My house is a mess, my crafting is spread out in every available space, I work way too late into the night, and my wrist keeps threatening to walk out on me, but I love it. I'm doing exactly what I've always wanted to.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dear Blog,

I'm sorry I've been neglecting you. Really, I didn't mean for it to happen. And, yet, here we are - nearly a month since I last laid eyes on you. I'm truly sorry. No - don't look at me that way! Yes, alright, there is someone else...well, three others. I've been spending a lot of time with them and it just hasn't allowed me any time for you. But I promise I've missed you! They're not anything like you! One of them always cuts me off, she won't let me go on and on and on like you let me. She limits me! You would never do that to me. The other, well, she KNOWS people. It can be kind of lonely with you sometimes and I cave in. I like to socialize occasionally - so shoot me! And the last one.....pays me - I know, I'm a whore! I'm ashamed just saying it. I can't help it - it's nice to be know your worth sometimes! I can't lie - I'm not gonna stop seeing them. But I don't want to lose you! I won't give you up! I'm selfish, I want it all! Maybe we can find a way to all work together? Huh? How 'bout it? Whatta ya say?


P.S. Could I possibly win you over with pretty pictures of what I've been working on when I was ignoring them, too? That wasn't worded well. Nevermind. I'd like you to have these.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Time Management

So, I didn't get around to taking pictures this weekend but I did attend a really useful meeting about shipping. Shipping!, you say. Hardly an interesting subject matter. In actuality, it was (as much as it can be, anyway) and I learned a lot. I even got some great suggestions and ideas for revamping my descriptions in general, not just shipping-related advice.

I have nothing new to show you but can tell you that I'm going to try scheduling my crafting a little better. With the part-time job taking up previously used crafting time and the fact that I've branched out from just knitting, I find myself never completing my projects. I literally have at least five different ones going at the moment. So I've decided I'm going to dedicate at least one day a week to each: knitting, sewing, embroidery, etc. and see if that helps me any. I've just GOTTA find a better way to manage my time. Do you find this to be a problem for you, too?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Ahh! I've been MIA!

Sorry about the long absence but last week was all about getting ready to be out of town, then actually BEING out of town for a long Halloween weekend, and catching up on everything this week now that I'm back. The cool weather of Philly and DC has totally reinspired me and the knitting needles are back to happily click-clacking away. I hope to have lot's of stuff ready for posting in the shop soon! I'm even gonna try to squeeze in a photoshoot this weekend. Meanwhile, here're some rings I've been working on to replace the ones I gave away to my nearest and dearest gal pals over the weekend (I've missed them so!)

Why yes, my rings DO belong in a Tiffany box.
I'll be back next week to my regular blogging schedule. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Busy! Busy!

So much has been going on lately! Been making more sales (yay!!), crafting away lots, and working on readying items to be posted in the shop. For example:

These are all shots I was just playing around with today and none have been finalized for the shop. The first two are the fruit-centric cuffs I've been making for the shop and the last two are the super soft, chunky scarves I'd been working on a couple months back. I plan on making scarves that fit the style of the graphic beanies and mittens I have, but also wanted to offer something simple and classic for those who aren't crazy about colorful graphics. So the detail to these is that they are keyhole scarves with supersized button accents. I love that I'm creating items that suite both sides of my personality - the teen and the lady.

Oh! While on the hunt for supersized buttons, I ventured into a teeny, whole-in-the-wall button/bead store that I happened to notice in the same shopping center as where I get Moondoggie's food. I've misplaced the business card I grabbed and can't remember the name of the store, but I have to say, what that little shop lacks in space it totally makes up for in merchandise. The place is PACKED with buttons and beads of all kinds, ribbons, brooches, glues, etc. It was amazing! I couldn't stop my eyes from darting around, even as I was paying and readying to leave, afraid I'd miss some hidden treasure. I got some great buttons I plan to use on a couple more knitted cuffs and of course the buttons for the scarves. I plan on going back this weekend for some beads I saw and stupidly didn't purchase. 

Gotta get back to the crafting but look to see lots more new stuff in the shop soon!

Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm Back!!

But only briefly - I'm crafting away like a fiend and trying to catch up on a bunch of things now that I've got electricity again. However, I had to stop in and announce the first ever

It's My Birthday Sale!!!

Because I turn one year older this weekend, I've decided to have a little celebratory sale from October 9, 2010 12am EST - October 11, 2010 12am EST! That's starting tonight at midnight through Sunday night midnight! All items will be 20% off so it's the perfect chance to snap up items you've had your eye on - come on and celebrate my birthday with me!

I'll leave you now with the documentary I've been watching as I craft, Handmade Nation (did you know you could rent movies from Amazon for instant streaming for just $1.99? I didn't! Netflix doesn't carry it, so Amazon it was!). So interesting to see the how and why others create what they create and very inspiring to keep at it!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

State of Affairs - Part 2

I am coming to you live from my backyard and via my iPhone. Why? Well, I haven't been blogging the last few and the reason my backyard is in the state it's in is part of the reason why. Do you see this nonsense? It's like a hurricane went through a jungle! (minus any visible swamp land) It's been raining pretty heavily the last few days (I think there's a tropical storm moving through) and wouldn't you know it, it conked out my power. Not entirely, though, just off and on. About every hour, lasting a half hour. I don't think I need to tell you how aggravating that is. Especially since in the process it burnt out (or something) the outlet where I plug my computer and modem in. Which happens to be the only outlet anywhere near the vicinity of my computer. So I have off and on power and no Internet. Agh!!! How did people do it in olden days? Luckily, it hasn't been AS hot lately so I'm not missing the air conditioning TOO much, but oh my sweet cable, computer, and web. I miss you so! Last night FPL (Florida Light & Power, for those of you not in the know) finally came out and determined that the rains had caused tree branches to obstruct/damage a transformer in our backyard, causing our power outages. They literally worked throughout the night, power trimming all the trees necessary and rewiring stuff. All with Moondoggie's wary eye and deep growl upon them from the safety of the dining room. It was a very noisy and not pleasant evening. I'm sure our neighbors LOVED us. And now our yard looks like this. And I still have off and on power. All that mess for nothing. Well, maybe not for nothing 'cause I'm sure it had SOMETHING to do with our electrical issues. Time to call FPL again.

And can I tell you that it is really hard to craft in the dark? Cause it is. Also, blogging via phone sucks. 

Update: I tried emailing the above to my blog literally four times. I don't know if it's the photo attachments that didn't let it go through, but at least the photos posted. I have been completely without power since noon and boy did that BLOW. It is now 6:25pm and they were just able to fix whatever the problem was and I am happy to report that I now have light. Let's hope it lasts! 

State of Affairs

Friday, September 24, 2010

Etsy Finds Friday - Special Edition

In honor of having recently joined the Indie Free Spirits Etsy Team, this week's Etsy Finds are all from IFS team members - and I made it into a treasury, too!

From left - right:

SHAbang - Nautical Necklace - Gold Mermaid - Teal Sandollar - Navy and Copper Star Charms - Brass Chain

KuDum - hand knitted baby cardigan and hat set Balloon Set in Ivory and Teal OOAK

colormekelley - Faded Earth Memory Wire Bracelet Butter Jade and Argonite with Antiqued Brass Accents

soleilduautomne - Pacific Blue Aqua Crochet Shoes

hepburncos - Green Haired Girl - Original mini painting - Wooden frame and ribbon included

ThePetiteChouette - Fallen Leaves Shirt

JLBstudio - Bouquet Necklace Mint Rose Fabric Flowers

sleepyking - Woodland Owl King Headband - Candy Corn - Made to order

TheNikiProject - Steampunk sprocket necklace

blueberryshoes - The Blue Side - Wondercard Necklace

virtuebathandbeauty - Citrus Contentment

LAccentNou - Autumn leaves studs

papersquid - Flowing Shapes Original IllustrationArchival Print - 100 Percent Tree Free Cotton Paper, 8.5x11 Inches - White

MollysMuses - Vintage Truck 8x10 color photogaphy fine art print GMC Molly O'Bryan-Welpott

LouiseRose - Vintage Zodiac Coin Necklaces

It's been really rainy and gloomy the last few days, so to combat that "ugh" feeling that weather gives me, I've been working on new, colorful wrist cuffs.

Just need button holes!

I've been on a big embroidery kick and since I'm waiting on an order of headbands to arrive before I can complete my fascinators, I thought I'd expand on the "collection." Thus, the wrist cuffs. These are coming a little more easily to me and I'm really happy with the way they're turning out - though I think it's time to expand my flower repertoire. Ideally I'd like to have snap closures instead of buttons for these, but I think the ones I have in mind require an actual tool to install them and I don't have time to get another gadget. Not right now, anyway. I don't hate how the buttons look, luckily. Gives them a little extra color. What say you?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Plugging Away

I'm still stitching away and making slow, but steady, progress. I'm also still not thrilled with the results, but I'm getting there. I think it just needs a little fine-tuning. Here are the items I've made, though not necessarily completed, in the last couple of days:

What do you think?

For this project, I've been really inspired by Mexican peasant blouses - although I realize it doesn't really translate here. I told you I lose my way easily. I just wish it came more naturally to me. I get these ideas and in my head they look AWESOME - then I go to execute them and it's not quite the same. I always struggle with colors, placement, designs - maybe that's the difference between "artists" and "crafters."  Clearly, I'm a crafter. Anyway, it's nothing that I'm gonna let deter me. I just need to keep plugging away and eventually I'll end up happy with the results.

The Doomed thinks these are way too cutesy and "tween" and, though I'm inclined to agree, it doesn't really bother me. The only one I consider finished is the white one with flowers and bead embroidery. The rest need...something. Not knowing exactly what that is yet, though, I opted to stop before I screwed them up completely. I did finish the green one from my last post so I can start wearing it and see how it holds up and I have to say, though I'm still not crazy about the flower patterns, I think the overall result looks good.

Ta-dah! It's a fascinator headband!
Credit where credit's due, I learned the basic techniques for these at a Handmade Miami crafternoon, though I modified them a bit to suit my skill level (I don't know how to use glue guns!) and aesthetic, and have been OBSESSED with the idea of my making these for the shop ever since. Just one more reason for you all to get in on crafting with crafty peeps - never know what you're gonna learn and what ideas you walk out with!

And what's that I spy with my little eyes?
My first shop tags, hags! (I say "hags" lovingly. If you've ever seen Broken Hearts Club, you know what I'm referring to.)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Crafting

I spent the weekend coming up with and working on designs for my new project. Here is the result of the first attempt:

Ahh! What is that?!
 What is this? PRACTICE is what this is. It's far too cutesy to be anything I would carry in my shop but I was just trying to play around with my materials and purposefully chose ones I didn't mind wasting. The lion is a foam cut out that I embroidered onto the felt and the flowers are just hand embroidered flowers. I had no plan when I started embroidering and I think it shows. I made a lion with a flower tattoo that likes to play amongst flowers. Oh well, live and learn!

Here is the result of the second, more serious attempt:

Slightly better.
For this one, I had something of a plan - but then I lost it a bit along the way. I'm not completely happy with the way this one turned out, but it's definitely better. My color choices are off and the flowers need to be rearranged, but I like it enough to keep for myself.

What exactly are these for, though? You'll have to wait and see! I promise I'll have one finished by the end of the week.

For now, I'm cutting out more felt shapes and and am going to try to plan out the designs a bit better so I don't get lost again. I'm having so much fun tackling a project - for the shop, even! - that has nothing to do with knitting. Not that I've given up on the knitting or anything. I'm just putting it aside for the week.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend HI-larity

I realize this is months old at this point, but The Doomed and I just got around to watching it and cannot stop laughing.

First, you watch this (for a little reference):

Then watch this:

That song is CATCHY. And all the covers of the song - just as catchy! Sing it with me folks - hide your kids, hide your wife!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Etsy Finds Friday

From left - right:

PinkPerch - Lifes A Hoot Owl Baby Mobile with Tree (Custom Felt Colors Available)

JooSweetie - Frida Doll Necklace

PoorRobin - Button Hairclips Spotty Dotty Hanky Panky Grande

RoboticLove - Pretty Yellow Bow Button Ring

norajane - Picuture Square Pillow OOAK

23rdandFirst - Against the Tides Clutch

ellothere - Custom Silhouette Prints

MegansMenagerie - Sale Carnival Cowl

farouche - Set of 20 Personalized Rocket Woman Note Cards

chicleather - Handcrafted artisangenuine leather handbag tote shoulder cross body strap bag OREA IN LIGHT BROWN

Another week already gone! Where does time escape to? I've spent A LOT of time on the computer this week, updating my various sites, updating the shop, reading blogs, etc. I'm gonna confess that I've done very little crafting. :(

BUT! Just today I received material for some new items I've been wanting to make for months. And it's not knitting related at all! Yesterday I spent my time brushing up on the required skills 'cause it's been a very long time since I've done it all so I'm definitely rusty. But excited! I just hope it works out the way I planned in my head - there's nothing worse than when you think you have the PERFECT plan for an idea, but then in actual execution, it all falls apart. I hate that.

Anyway, here's a sneak peak of what I'll be using a lot of this weekend:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So, as you can see, I've been revamping the blog design a bit. Well, a lot. What do you think, too busy looking? I've also finally started a Facebook page for the shop which you can access through a link in the tabs above (conveniently labeled "Facebook") or by clicking this link. Go on and "Like" a girl, if you wish! Along with all the site modifications I've been doing at etsy, facebook, twitter, and on this here site, I also managed to get around to checking my treasuries again and it turns out I've been in 3 more! Many thanks to ShmileyDesign, favoritehate, knitsbywlsm12 for deeming my items worthy. :)

I've still been taking pictures, readying more items to be posted in the shop. Up next, a little something for the fellas:

The Doomed swears men won't wear knitted wrist cuffs (they like leather! and studs! - manly things, arrgghhh!), but I like what I've made and think the seed stitch and center line make these look a little more rugged, so I'm gonna post them anyway. I also still have all those mittens I was working on to post, but they still need a little refining and I need to find a way to photograph them well. I'd really like to start posting them no later than next week, though. We'll see.

And, hey, snaps for RapidMoodSwings for having 2 sales in the last month! (That's a big deal for us beginners, in case you don't know.) She has made an awesome collection of masks inspired by Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and sold my favorite one (listed in last week's Etsy Finds) just yesterday. So big ups to her!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Such a surprising weekend for me! For you veteran Etsy sellers, it's probably no big deal at this point, but for me it was so exciting to finally make my first non-family/non-friend related sale.

I spent all weekend taking and editing pictures for the new wrist cuffs I've been working on. Sunday morning I finally posted a few and when I went to check Craftopolis a few hours later (to see how many views they'd had) I noticed one missing. The only one that had been instantly hearted by someone. I checked my Etsy shop and it wasn't there either. I'M SO USED TO NOT SELLING I DIDN'T EVEN REALIZE WHAT THAT COULD MEAN. I just thought it somehow became unlisted. That's when I saw the convo from a lovely girl who had bought not one but TWO of my items for her friend's birthday! So I'm wrapping them up and out they go!

I still have more pictures I need to take and a few other products to finalize. I want to spend this week adding and revamping the shop a bit and having made my first real sale gives me loads of encouragement.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Etsy Finds Friday

From left - right:

BenAndOliver - Sale 40 Percent Off Modern Circles Necklace

retrofied - Large Reversible Hobo Deer Valley Columbine and Lodge Lattice

shoogi - Love birds on a branch and lucky leaf

diffractionfiber - Paper Dolls Pillow in Fuschia

rapidmoodswings - Day of the Dead Mask Vistiendo Santos

bionicunicorn - Autumn Bouquet Steampunk Necklace -  Vintage Pocket Watch Enamel Flower Silver Gear Dreampunk

NanLawson - Mine is the Heart that You Call Home 8x10 Print

tsaifi - Luau Lulu iPhone 3G Cover

blockpartypress - Out on a Limb - My Heart

gamiworks - SALE valley of vines large round handcut glass and Japanese chiyogami pendant necklace

I've noticed that my "finds" never have rhyme or reason - I just grab whatever I'm liking at that moment. Maybe I should try to have my Etsy Finds have a theme - but that seems like too much work. :)

I was just about to write that today has been a gorgeous day - especially for a week predominantly filled with heavy rains - but I just heard the old familiar rumble of thunder and the sky has quickly darkened, so nevermind! I guess rain is a comin'. I've spent a lot of this week working on the cuffs and organizing the dungeon. I'm headed back there now, to start breaking up a massive amount of boxes that I thought I'd eventually use. I haven't, so out they go. I'd rather have a clean, tidy space I can craft in than keep storing items I may never use.

In the coming week I'm going to try to revamp my shop a bit. I have a collection of items I haven't yet listed because I'm not thrilled with the pictures I've taken of them. I'll have to tackle that first, maybe retake a few for items currently in the shop, consider my pricing again, and focus on made-to-order items. It'd been my belief that most folks would rather purchase items ready-made and avoid the usual delays associated with custom orders, but I've been thinking about it a lot this week and have concluded made-to-order definitely has it benefits. Certainly for sizing purposes and color preferences. I get to make what I like and the customer is practically guaranteed an item that fits perfectly and is in a palette they prefer. Most of my items only take a couple days at most to make and, unless I'm inundated with a barrage of orders (ha!), I foresee my turnaround time as being about a week. I think that's still reasonable. And this will free me up to work on my items in the order needed, instead of crafting madly just to build up stock - which is what I've been doing. Because I'd eventually like to tackle participating in craft fairs, I'll still continue to make my items, with or without orders, but I won't feel so stressed about deadlines anymore. That's definitely a plus. And I'll be able to instantly focus on new ideas I think of without feeling like I'm letting others fall by the wayside. We'll see how it goes, but I hope it'll allow me to post more frequently to my shop and start including a wider variety of items.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I'm not really a fan of the rap nor do I keep up with rappers, but English50cent is cracking my bits up. Grammar jokes and mocking slang? - sign me up!

Knitted Cuffs

This weekend was a busy one for me! I got a gift package last week from my crafty soul mate and in it she included this awesome trinket. It inspired me to try to make my own version of a cuff, though, I admit, one with a totally different feel - both tactilely (?) and stylistically. So I started knitting up some cuffs with button accents and I am loving them! So quick and easy to make and it's a great way to use up every last bit of yarn (since it doesn't require much). And such an easy way to add a pop of color to casual outfits. I just finished blocking the completed ones this morning and am working on choosing and sewing up the buttons for them. Wanna see? Of course you do!

In my head, I imagined they'd all have funky contrasting buttons, but I find myself placing complimentary ones on some. I guess it just depends on the color and what my eye finds pleasing.

This weekend was also occupied with taking care of Moondoggie. Full disclosure, I wasn't really the one who ended up with the job. After giving him his usual bath on Saturday afternoon, he became really antsy, whiny and trying to climb the fireplace to look out our front window - behavior very unlike him. He seemed like he kept wanting to go outside so I opened the front door, the back door, but he wouldn't go. Just stayed inside moving restlessly about. We couldn't figure out what was wrong. I went to sleep about 2am and The Doomed stayed up watching tv. I awoke at 5:30am to find that The Doomed still hadn't come to bed and when I opened the door to investigate, I was slammed in the face by an awful, overpowering smell. I found Moondoggie quietly in a corner and The Doomed on hands and knees, scrubbing the rug in his office. Turns out our pooch got horribly sick half an hour after I went to bed, puking and shooting liquid poop for the next 3 hours in our living room, dining room, and finally the office. The Doomed had stayed up all night taking care of him and cleaning up his messes. He hadn't wanted to disturb me and figured with his war experience, he'd smelled everything bad in existence, so his gag reflex wouldn't be as delicate as mine. Poor Moondoggie walked around ashamedly, tail tucked between his legs and looking generally awful. I took over Moondoggie duty and The Doomed finally went to bed around 7am. By then Moondoggie was a little better but he didn't regain his appetite until Sunday evening, after just a bit more puking and pooping. Luckily, he had more control of it by that time and I was able to get him outside to do it. Poor thing! We can't figure out what made him sick, since we didn't feed him anything different or new (though he has been known to take a good, unintentional chomp out of snakes and lizards he finds outside) but I'm just glad he's back to being his happy, hungry self.

Well, that wasn't shop talk! - but, hey, it's what makes up my days.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What I've Been Doing Since Saturday

1) Learned to use my new knitting loom.
2) Made three scarves with said knitting loom.
3) Almost finished knitting red slouchy beanie.
4) Did a small photo shoot this weekend (wasn't crazy about the way it turned out, but maybe there's something there to work with).
5) Started a new book now that I finished Black Dahlia Avenger.
6) Got a new idea for an item.
7) Embroidered another pair of mittens.
8) Rearranged craft space and began (finally!) tidying up the dungeon. (Gotta get ready to work down there once the weather cool's off!)

I've been busy! And you?

Currently shuffling through my soundsystem:  El Matador - Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Not A Lot To Do - The Zutons, Consequences of Falling - k.d. Lang, Superheroes - Esthero, The Rain, The Park and Other Things - Cowsills

Friday, August 27, 2010


I know it's supposed to be Etsy Finds Friday, but I haven't spent anytime looking at Etsy this week. Instead, today, I will show you the project I made with my sewing machine. No, it's not the dress. I know, I know, but I got a little intimidated when I unfolded the tissue with the pattern and thought I should start with something a little simpler. Ready to see?

I MADE A SKIRT! You're probably thinking "big deal, it's a skirt" but for me it's very exciting. This project was full of firsts for me:  I drafted and cut out my own pattern, made pockets and was careful the patterns of the fabric for the pockets and front of the skirt lined up with each other, made my own bias binding and machine-sewed said binding, and inserted a zipper using my sewing machine. I feel so triumphant! It turns out I know a little more about sewing than I thought I did. I spent two days making this skirt (well, along with other projects) and spent a lot of time taking careful measurements and seriously contemplating each cut before I made it. Still, there was lots of sewing and unsewing, but in the end it all came together. Even if the inside of the skirt isn't great looking - but who's gonna see that anyway? Here's a couple close-ups:

They're awful pictures but I have no time for photoshopping - I wanted to get it posted! I wish I had taken pictures of the skirt in progress, but I just wasn't that diligent. I was so determined to finish this skirt today that I haven't even eaten! Just an apple in the morning and a pear an hour ago. Now I'm starving! But so happy. I even did my happy dance (yes, I have a happy dance). The best part is I made a skirt that fits me perfectly using my scary ol' sewing machine. And my pin cushion got a lot of use, too.

No Knitting Week is almost over and it's been awesome. I haven't made all the things I wanted to for lack of time and materials, but I have no complaints. And even though I'll be picking the knitting needles back up on Monday, I'm gonna keep making time for other projects. It's silly to think I have to knit all the time just 'cause I have deadlines. So next up, tackling that dress!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No Knitting Week Progress

I have been having such a great time working on other crafts this week. Yesterday I altered two tops, pulled out three t-shirts that need fitting, started one, and finished the graphics for two mittens. The altered clothing is boring to look at since they were simple alterations and I didn't take any before pictures anyway but the fingerless mittens I am LOVING. Wanna see?


And how about some action shots?

Modeled here by The Doomed.


I started with the guys' mittens since it was easier to decide what graphics to embroider. I placed the graphic so that it's off-center and curved on the hand - half on the palm, half on the back of the hand. I am so happy with the way they turned out! And deciding which graphics to put on the others, including the ladies' mittens, has been super easy now. I've even already finished another mitten. Sadly, I don't think I'll be able to complete the graphics for all the mittens this week, but I should be able to make some good headway and maybe even start listing some soon! Well, if I'm able to do a photoshoot this weekend, that is.

I have been having so many ideas since this week began, even the perfecting of ideas I had had but wasn't completely sure how to accomplish. I actually stayed up 'til 2am last night thinking about them and reseaching material I would need for them! One thing I want to accomplish, though, is making an outfit with my sewing machine. I have a small collection of vintage patterns and I really want to try to tackle making one before my No Knitting week is over. I don't even know if I have enough material and certainly know I don't have the skill, but I wanna give it a go anyway. This is the pattern I decided on for my first attempt:

Do you think this is too ambitious for someone with very little sewing experience and who's always afraid to cut fabric for fear of ruining it? Sewing's not like knitting, people! If I screw up knitting, I just have to undo everything and wind the yarn back into a ball. If I screw up cutting fabric to sew, I'm shit out of luck.