Friday, August 31, 2012

Guess Who Has Two Thumbs and Has Reopened Her Etsy Shop

This gal!

I finally opened the shop back up and it is such a relief to finally have gotten around to updating and listing again.
The day job's been pretty lax recently so I took advantage of that time to photograph and update descriptions for items. Quick poll: does anyone else find the process of photographing and editing shots as tedious as I do? You have to take so many shots, get the lighting just right, select and edit your best shots, and then finally you can post. How I wish there was a quicker way! Pays off, though, 'cause I'm really pretty happy with the way the shop is shaping up. But, uggghh, just when I think I'm done and finally ready to post, I catch a stray piece of lint or a ring band that's tarnished and - bam! - gotta take pictures all over again. Figures.
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