Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Clearly, I Am Just TOO Talented

I sewed a rectangle!

Here's why this is an accomplishment:
A few months ago, I bought several yards of oilcloth with lofty ideas and ambitions about the kind of fabulous items I would soon be happily making out of them. I don't know what made me think sewing oilcloth would be easy but I discovered it wasn't. The plastic side kept getting stuck when trying to run it along my sewing foot, which caused big ol' holes from where the needle repeatedly came down in the same place. Such a waste of my pretty fabric!

So I did what I'm always happy to do when I get frustrated - I gave up.

But then!

I was googling something totally unrelated to sewing oilcloth when I came across a tip. Simply sew with a bit of tissue paper directly on your material to help glide it along and rip away when done. Easy-peesy! I wish I could remember where I read that tip (so I could give credit where credit is due) but I don't. If it was yours, thanks so much!

Unfortunately, I didn't really plan this item out - just sat down and started sewing away - so I'm not sure what to do with this somewhat awkwardly-sized bag. I'm thinking I'll fold it, attach a button, and make a pseudo-envelope clutch. That I'll never use cause when have I ever carried a clutch?

Regardless, yay for learning something new and putting it to use!

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  1. Hag, I had mentioned this trick to you back in MARCH!!! Guess I was talking to dead air!

  2. You did? I seriously don't remember. Maybe you didn't explain it well. Or maybe my memory's gone to shit. :)