Friday, August 31, 2012

Guess Who Has Two Thumbs and Has Reopened Her Etsy Shop

This gal!

I finally opened the shop back up and it is such a relief to finally have gotten around to updating and listing again.
The day job's been pretty lax recently so I took advantage of that time to photograph and update descriptions for items. Quick poll: does anyone else find the process of photographing and editing shots as tedious as I do? You have to take so many shots, get the lighting just right, select and edit your best shots, and then finally you can post. How I wish there was a quicker way! Pays off, though, 'cause I'm really pretty happy with the way the shop is shaping up. But, uggghh, just when I think I'm done and finally ready to post, I catch a stray piece of lint or a ring band that's tarnished and - bam! - gotta take pictures all over again. Figures.
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  1. Hi, I love your site! I am a newbie embroiderer and am trying to follow along the steps for your felt ring with the bow from the Mollie Makes Magazine and pictured above. What is the name of the stitch? I cannot figure it out! Thanks!

    1. Hi Anne!
      So glad you like the ring! The stitch is called the bullion knot. It's a little tricky on first impression but pretty easy once you get the hang of it. I'm not sure I know how to better explain it than I did in the pattern for Mollie Makes but I'm certainly happy to try. Where exactly are you running into complications?