Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Progress (It's a Miracle!)

A few months ago, I posted my very first pattern for a baby blanket I made for a friend. Guys, it's gotten such a great reaction! I'm so happy and flattered and excited and I'm giddy every time I see someone post a picture of their progress on Ravelry or Instagram. I don't even have the adequate words. Ahhhhhhhh!!

I've been getting lots of questions and comments and, though I've done my best to answer all of them, I know I can only be super accurate if I knit up another blanket following the pattern and fix any mistakes I may have made. So, ta-dah!, I have FINALLY gotten around to starting another blanket. Here's proof:
I like to match my knitting to my nail polish - don't you?

Yes, the color was inspired by my nail polish. What? I like mint and orange!

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  1. Okay, first off, nails - Super cute :)

    Secondly, I saw that first one you made and it really did come out awesome. The pattern was really cool, modern and of course gray and yellow always look great together....maybe making patterns is another niche/thing? Hmmm. But I also really like this color combo, mint anything is good!


    1. Thanks, chick! I've just been so happy with the response. We'll see if I'm ever able to come up with another pattern. :)