Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Busy! Busy!

So much has been going on lately! Been making more sales (yay!!), crafting away lots, and working on readying items to be posted in the shop. For example:

These are all shots I was just playing around with today and none have been finalized for the shop. The first two are the fruit-centric cuffs I've been making for the shop and the last two are the super soft, chunky scarves I'd been working on a couple months back. I plan on making scarves that fit the style of the graphic beanies and mittens I have, but also wanted to offer something simple and classic for those who aren't crazy about colorful graphics. So the detail to these is that they are keyhole scarves with supersized button accents. I love that I'm creating items that suite both sides of my personality - the teen and the lady.

Oh! While on the hunt for supersized buttons, I ventured into a teeny, whole-in-the-wall button/bead store that I happened to notice in the same shopping center as where I get Moondoggie's food. I've misplaced the business card I grabbed and can't remember the name of the store, but I have to say, what that little shop lacks in space it totally makes up for in merchandise. The place is PACKED with buttons and beads of all kinds, ribbons, brooches, glues, etc. It was amazing! I couldn't stop my eyes from darting around, even as I was paying and readying to leave, afraid I'd miss some hidden treasure. I got some great buttons I plan to use on a couple more knitted cuffs and of course the buttons for the scarves. I plan on going back this weekend for some beads I saw and stupidly didn't purchase. 

Gotta get back to the crafting but look to see lots more new stuff in the shop soon!

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  1. The cuffs look great! Yay to sales!