Friday, November 5, 2010

Ahh! I've been MIA!

Sorry about the long absence but last week was all about getting ready to be out of town, then actually BEING out of town for a long Halloween weekend, and catching up on everything this week now that I'm back. The cool weather of Philly and DC has totally reinspired me and the knitting needles are back to happily click-clacking away. I hope to have lot's of stuff ready for posting in the shop soon! I'm even gonna try to squeeze in a photoshoot this weekend. Meanwhile, here're some rings I've been working on to replace the ones I gave away to my nearest and dearest gal pals over the weekend (I've missed them so!)

Why yes, my rings DO belong in a Tiffany box.
I'll be back next week to my regular blogging schedule. Have a great weekend!

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