Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tech-y Wish List

I'm not a huge tech-y geek, but there are two items I've been craving since first sight and, having recently done more research on them, am more determined than ever to get in the next few months.

Item 1

Feast your eyes on the Olympus Pen. I know next to nothing about photography or DSLR but desperately want to be able to take better shots for the shop without forking over thousands of dollars on a camera and accessories that I'll never fully understand how to use. I first saw this in a commercial and they totally marketed to me directly. No, really. It said something along the lines of "are you an idiot with photography? Buy this!" Do you see that description on the Amazon page? It's MADE for folks like me! It automates practically everything, takes the same quality shots of a DSLR, and, while it does offer lens changes and detailed customizations, it's far easier to use than a traditional DSLR. Or at least according to the reviews, which I'm totally willing to believe. It's still a pricey little camera but seems a better investment than getting another Canon point-and-shoot and certainly fits my budget a little more comfortably, especially with my crazy online-deal hunting skills.

Item 2!

The Dell Inspiron Duo. I'll admit it - I was totally attracted to the color first. Not the red pictured up there - the pretty, pretty teal one behind it. I'm a girl! SO SHOOT ME. However, researching this compact little gadget more, I realized it really is perfect for me. I'm a desk-top kind of gal - love working at a desk with a large monitor and ergonomic keyboard and mouse (hey, I'm also a slightly carpal-tunneled kind of gal) - but I have been looking into getting something small and portable, with full Office capacity and without having to lug around a full laptop. So I was thinking a notebook would probably be my best bet and began looking into getting one when I saw the commercial for this Dell. SOLD! Obviously I was attracted to its color, size, and snazzy ability to change from tablet to notebook but also its price point, access to full Office system and decent hard drive size. It's like having the best of an iPad and a laptop! (Though I KNOW it's not as great as an iPad, you Mac freaks, relax). For me, someone who uses a computer really only for basic stuff and loves the touch ability of my iPhone, it's perfect. And must be mine. Soon.

Do you have any tech-y dream items? Share away! I love finding new can't-live-withouts!

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