Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pressure's On!

Odd Duck is just over a week away and though I've been steadily working away (hence my blog absence), I haven't really been feeling stressed about my second craft show.

Well, that's over!

I have so much to do! I feel ok about the amount of items I have ready but I still have to sew labels, plan out my table, print price lists, etc., etc. Ugh, I feel some late nights coming on...

Hey! How 'bout a sneak peek of new beanie designs I've been working on?

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  1. They are very cute. I love the last beanie! It's so non-threatening. ha ha.

  2. I know. The Doomed think my "guy" skulls should be more threatening-looking - but I like happy!

  3. Love your beanies! You should do really well!