Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Petty Little Wishes

I wish the perpetual heat and humidity didn't keep me trapped in my home, reluctant to venture out and enjoy my neighborhood.

I wish I didn't have 11 itchy mosquito bites right now, courtesy of a single, stealthy mosquito who enjoyed dive-bombing me yesterday morning.

I wish I had better photography skills.

I wish I looked good in bangs.

I wish I didn't get so discouraged when crafting projects go wrong.

I wish they had Yoshinoya in Miami (shut up, I love it.)

I wish teleportation existed.

I wish tidying up could be done à la Mary Poppins.

I wish this Vespa sweater was available in my size.

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  1. I wish you would move back to LA! I miss you.

  2. Oh, but that's a BIG wish - this was about silly ones. :)

    Although, that's what my teleportation wish was about. Imagine if I could just beam myself over to your house whenever I wanted - that would be AWESOME!