Thursday, May 20, 2010

Craft Room

My craft room has been moved and greatly reduced in size and I blame it on Miami weather. My official craft room is in the part of the house we call the "dungeon" since it's dark and and spooky and in the bowels of our tiny house. Really, it's just a converted garage. And it is HOT in there. Not only do I share the space with the washer and dryer, but the air conditioning doesn't reach that room and it gets stuffy and musty in no time flat. So I've moved my actual craft space to the left side of my dining room table. Plus sideboard. It's been surprisingly comfortable and obviously convenient, being just off the living room, where I do all my knitting and hand sewing. Plus it's forcing me to stay organized since I can't stand disorder in the "public domain" rooms. Shove stuff into closets? - of course! But always keep the living room, dining room, and bathroom tidy. It makes me feel the whole house is neat, even when it's not.

I've been working on more bags, coming up with new ideas, and finally making some local contacts to see if I can't expand into the community that physically surrounds me. More on that later, if it pans out. Oh, and added just a few more things to the shop. Anyway, back to knitting needles I go!

Currently shuffling through my soundsystem: Chris Murray - Ex-Darling, Diana Ross - Love Hangover, Mad Caddies - All American Badass (my iTunes has no rhyme or reason).

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