Thursday, May 27, 2010

Temporary Pause

All crafting has been put off for the time being because I have company coming this weekend! I'm very excited about this. I have not seen any of my friends for over a year now and I miss them something fierce. So I'm happy to set aside the crafting and focus on housework right now. You know, setting up the guest bedroom, making sure I dust and clean all the corners I accidently overlook with my usual cleaning, etc. I like things to be sparkling when guests arrive! - then it can go back to it's usual state of just tidy once they've been here for a bit.

In total I think I'll have about eight additional people in the house - though most will arrive and depart on different days - and I'm still trying to figure out where exactly I'm gonna put them all. It'll definitely be very different around here with so many people - usually it's just Moondoggie and I breathing up all the air - but I don't mind giving up my hermit-like ways for a week. And I'll actually be forced to go out and experience the city! In the time I've been here I've really only gone out for errand-running purposes - sure, I've had the occasional night out, and plenty of movie watching, but, as I've mentioned before, it's been a bit hard to find our niche so we haven't been too motivated to really spend a lot of time enjoying the city. This week I'll get to experience Miami as a tourist (which I guess I still feel like I am) and that should be fun.

For the time being, here's a teaser picture of the items I made last week. Hopefully, I'll be able to get them lined and zippered up in the next couple of weeks.

Currently shuffling through my soundsystem: Little Joy - Keep Me In Mind, Alpha - Sometime Later, Alkaline Trio - Armageddon, The Cry Babies - It's My Thing.

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