Monday, November 8, 2010

Time Management

So, I didn't get around to taking pictures this weekend but I did attend a really useful meeting about shipping. Shipping!, you say. Hardly an interesting subject matter. In actuality, it was (as much as it can be, anyway) and I learned a lot. I even got some great suggestions and ideas for revamping my descriptions in general, not just shipping-related advice.

I have nothing new to show you but can tell you that I'm going to try scheduling my crafting a little better. With the part-time job taking up previously used crafting time and the fact that I've branched out from just knitting, I find myself never completing my projects. I literally have at least five different ones going at the moment. So I've decided I'm going to dedicate at least one day a week to each: knitting, sewing, embroidery, etc. and see if that helps me any. I've just GOTTA find a better way to manage my time. Do you find this to be a problem for you, too?

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