Monday, December 6, 2010

It MUST Be That Time Of Year...

... 'cause I've been making sales! Most popular item in the shop?

Owl Cuff!
I've already sold three of these suckers and I just listed them on Friday! Also popular, special order beanies! I've been knitting non-stop since Monday and just finished up the last beanie. Now I just have to make a scarf and that package can go out.

Also, I participated in my first trade! Have you guys traded on Etsy before? I hadn't. I got a convo from someone saying they loved a particular beanie of mine and would I be interested in trading for something in their shop. Would I?! Yeah! Not only was I able to trade for TWO of their items, but I was able to get one personalized. All for the cost of my beanie and the 0.20 listing fee. Totally worth it! I didn't know people traded on Etsy at all - but I LIKE it. I think I'd feel a little weird initiating a trade at this point 'cause what if they don't like my items? And their reaction is "how 'bout you just give me the cash, you tight wad?" But I'm all for people trading with me!

So busy, busy! And happy. It's still only paying off in small bits right now but I know it'll just keep growing, growing! My house is a mess, my crafting is spread out in every available space, I work way too late into the night, and my wrist keeps threatening to walk out on me, but I love it. I'm doing exactly what I've always wanted to.

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