Thursday, December 30, 2010

Retro Indie Market

With the chaos of the Christmas season over, I finally have time to concentrate on getting ready for my first craft show! What's that you say? I hadn't mentioned it yet? Well, peep it:

Isn't that the cutest flyer? Leads me to believe the whole event will be adorable. But do you see that date? I only have a little over a month to get everything ready, which might sound like a long time but really isn't. I have to get everything from business cards to merchandise to display items ready and while I'm crazy with excitement I'm also super anxious. It's my very first time presenting my items to the public in person and I want to put my bestest foot forward and have everything be as perfect as possible. To keep in theme with the event I'm also happy that I get to create more items that reflect my love of the retro-inspired and have ideas for bookmarkers, hair accessories, and even wallets! I just hope they work out as well in execution as they do in my imagination.

So, with all I have going on, it is absolute perfect timing that I have some new toys to play with.

Crafter's Little Helper

Makes everything from laminations to stickers to magnets - what?!
The Dremel was a Christmas gift and one I have been not-too-subtly-dropping-hints-for for AGES. The Xyron 505 Laminator is an outdated version of the Xyron Creative Station and a total STEAL at $12.00 on eBay. I love finding a good bargain! Luckily, it still uses the new cartridges available for the current version - though each one costs more than my laminator did. Still, I'm excited and have some big PLANS for these little guys. 

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