Thursday, April 21, 2011


This has been a week of firsts for me: first time shipping to Canada (yay for shoppers!);
first time taking Moondoggie with me to the post office and leaving him outside ALONE to wait (he's a very well-behaved dog, but he IS a dog and I'm overprotective. The Doomed's main concern was what if he attacked someone, mine was what if someone stole him 'cause he's so cute.);

See that windowpane next to gentleman in red? My camera didn't catch it but I could peek at Moondoggie through there. Spent the entire time bouncing in and out of the post office line making sure I could still see him.

first time using my prototype handbag (I'd like to start making and selling bags in the shop but it's definitely a new venture for me and I wanna make sure they're well-made and hold up);

Embroidered handbag!

and my first time doing four days straight of my spinning class. Am I crazy? Maybe. I'm definitely sore but I gotta admit it feels good, especially considering how much time I spend sitting on my posterior, crafting away. I'm gonna even it out by stuffing my face with pizza this weekend - I've been craving it and haven't had pizza in a long while. Gotta live a balanced life. :)

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  1. That's cool! I wish I could take Jack and Skip with me to the post office. But considering the long lines, I would be scared to leave them alone that long.

  2. I was, too! Hence my continuously popping between the line and the window the whole time. I was probably inside for around 20 minutes but he did really well. Doomed did not think it was a good idea but I wanted to try it. In the end, success!

  3. Hope this comment gets posted, my last one is lost in space...but, yay for Canada! I remember when I shipped to England and Japan. Fun, but I was scared about my stuff arriving!

    Love the purse, keep up with the new stuff.

  4. Thanks, Tanya! Yeah, I wish USPS offered some sort of tracking or confirmation for international packages - but I guess that's the price we pay for economical shipping. Luckily, I've had no problems with the few international shipments I've done before, so fingers crossed this goes as smoothly!