Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Items

I finally added new items to the shop! That seemed to take FOREVER from when I started these little bags. I wasn't able to add as many as I wanted to (still waiting on some supplies to finish off some more of the bags), but some is better than none.

I get a little antsy sometimes because I have so many ideas in my head and only the one pair of hands to accomplish them with. So the going is slow and that can get frustrating. Does anyone else feel like that? I got a good jolt this weekend because I went to the Indie Craft Bazaar in Ft. Lauderdale. It was a small venue but PACKED with loads of vendors with so many unique and fun projects - how could I not be inspired? It took a good deal of research just to find that fair (and one other coming up in May) and it just felt like a little piece of home 'cause it's been hard settling into Miami. In LA I know where everything is and have an outlet for every venture I want - not so much in Miami. Lots of art fairs, apparently, but not a lot of an indie scene. At least, not that I can find readily. Oh well, I suppose it's like that no matter where you are if where you are is new.

Currently on the tube as I craft: Charlie's Angels, Season 2. (I LOVE Charlie's Angels. As a kid I wanted to be Sally Field's Gidget as a teen and Jaclyn Smith's Kelly Garrett as an adult.)

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