Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So, as you can see, I've been revamping the blog design a bit. Well, a lot. What do you think, too busy looking? I've also finally started a Facebook page for the shop which you can access through a link in the tabs above (conveniently labeled "Facebook") or by clicking this link. Go on and "Like" a girl, if you wish! Along with all the site modifications I've been doing at etsy, facebook, twitter, and on this here site, I also managed to get around to checking my treasuries again and it turns out I've been in 3 more! Many thanks to ShmileyDesign, favoritehate, knitsbywlsm12 for deeming my items worthy. :)

I've still been taking pictures, readying more items to be posted in the shop. Up next, a little something for the fellas:

The Doomed swears men won't wear knitted wrist cuffs (they like leather! and studs! - manly things, arrgghhh!), but I like what I've made and think the seed stitch and center line make these look a little more rugged, so I'm gonna post them anyway. I also still have all those mittens I was working on to post, but they still need a little refining and I need to find a way to photograph them well. I'd really like to start posting them no later than next week, though. We'll see.

And, hey, snaps for RapidMoodSwings for having 2 sales in the last month! (That's a big deal for us beginners, in case you don't know.) She has made an awesome collection of masks inspired by Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and sold my favorite one (listed in last week's Etsy Finds) just yesterday. So big ups to her!

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