Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Crafting

I spent the weekend coming up with and working on designs for my new project. Here is the result of the first attempt:

Ahh! What is that?!
 What is this? PRACTICE is what this is. It's far too cutesy to be anything I would carry in my shop but I was just trying to play around with my materials and purposefully chose ones I didn't mind wasting. The lion is a foam cut out that I embroidered onto the felt and the flowers are just hand embroidered flowers. I had no plan when I started embroidering and I think it shows. I made a lion with a flower tattoo that likes to play amongst flowers. Oh well, live and learn!

Here is the result of the second, more serious attempt:

Slightly better.
For this one, I had something of a plan - but then I lost it a bit along the way. I'm not completely happy with the way this one turned out, but it's definitely better. My color choices are off and the flowers need to be rearranged, but I like it enough to keep for myself.

What exactly are these for, though? You'll have to wait and see! I promise I'll have one finished by the end of the week.

For now, I'm cutting out more felt shapes and and am going to try to plan out the designs a bit better so I don't get lost again. I'm having so much fun tackling a project - for the shop, even! - that has nothing to do with knitting. Not that I've given up on the knitting or anything. I'm just putting it aside for the week.


  1. I like them, but don't know how I feel about the material you used for the lion and the backing to the other flowers. What material is it? Is it chip board? Can I guess as to what the final result will be? Hee.

  2. Sshh, it's a secret. Don't spoil the fun. :)

    No, these aren't the chip board buttons. These are made out of thin foam and I'm not sure that I'm crazy about them either. I do like that it gives the piece added texture, though I'm sure I could acheive a similar effect by cutting out felt shapes. And then I'd have more control over what the shapes are. I'm gonna keep playing.