Monday, July 19, 2010

Indie Bazaar

This weekend was the Indie Bazaar in Ft. Lauderdale. It's a craft fair held in a somewhat small space just to the side of of the Cinema Paradiso movie theater but the organizers make sure to cram it full of vendors. So many great items to see and so many shoppers shopping! There was a much bigger turnout than the last time I was there - in March? April? I don't rememember - with still a long line to get in even when we left. I did a lot of browsing and noting of how vendors set up their displays and promote their merchandise (always gotta be researching) and snagged a couple items:

I LOVE Superman and really liked this keychain made out of vintage comic book art. Plus, the artist was a teenage girl who was peddling her wares with her parents as her assistants. So awesome! They let her handle all questions and transactions just like a proper little business woman while they bagged her goodies and proudly discussed their daughter's craft with anyone who stopped at the table. How could I not support that kind of comraderie? The artwork is by a local artist named Kapone and I really liked the colors and boldness of his work. Also, a steal at 2 for $30.

While I was busy supporting my local crafts people, I was featured in another Treasury! I know, another one! I swear I don't know any of the kind folks who have selected my items but I'm so happy people like my goods. With all this motivation I've worked non-stop on my fingerless gloves all week and weekend long - but then the ol' carpal started to kick in and my wrist begged for a break. So I've spent all afternoon on the computer today, updating the shop, sending and replying to emails, and creating my very first Treasury. You can check that out here. I'd love to get better pictures up in the shop but that really requires a better camera so until I can make that happen, it'll have to wait.

For now, I can't wait to get back to the knitting needles tonight. Is it awful that I sometimes knit right through the wrist twinges? Can't let a little thing painful mobility stop me! Hee. (It's not so bad yet, but I really need to get a brace before I cause myself permanent damage.)

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