Friday, July 30, 2010

Etsy Finds Friday

This week's batch includes some L.A. love and and an awesomely crafted iPhone zip up bag - just look at that detail!

Quietdoing - Record (Teal) Pocketbook Slash Checkbook Walet

Latelierdeluluu - The ORIGINAL Apple 3G - iPhone Felt Purse Handbag - New Model - 18x14cm

MicheleMaule - Reproduction Fine art Print 8x10

Zuppaartista - Los Angeles Recycled Magnet Locket Set by Polarity

Mariforssell - iPod Touch Case Gray Herringbone Wool

Deyitta - Owl on the Flower

reVIVALism - Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art Domino Necklace

Mydaisydreams - Glass Tile Pendant or Charm Vintage Los Angeles

Gibberish2 - Read Ring Taupe Stripes

Prettywhimisical - Gift Set 4 Whimsical Nature Scrabble Tile

I put off the knitting a bit yesterday because I needed to come up with and craft some special presents for my sister's birthday this coming week. I did as much as I could, but have to wait to get a couple supplies this weekend before I can complete them. It was nice to take a break from the knitting because sometimes I get so caught up in KNIT! KNIT! KNIT! mode that I forget it's fun to glue and sew things, too. I've been meaning to bust out my sewing machine and come up with projects just to help me practice a bit, but with the deadline I've set for completing a good portion of my knit projects, I just haven't felt like I could afford the time. I know it's just me setting these expectations for myself, but when the cold weather finally kicks in, I don't wanna feel like I wasn't as prepared as I could've been.

I'm still working on making all the small size mittens and will start working on the different graphics for them next week. Then I have to start all my medium size mittens and that'll probably take a couple more weeks, at least. Then do the graphics for those. Then do the same for the men's mittens I'd like to carry. Then do the batch for men and women that will have a totally different look. And I haven't even started scarves yet. Can you estimate how many more weeks of just knitting that is? Do you see why I feel I can't waste anytime? AHHHHHH!

But, good news! I've been featured in another lovely treasury this week! I still get so excited about it. And so, back to the knitting needles I go.

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