Friday, July 16, 2010

Yay Me!

I found out about a website called Craftopolis where you can track some of your Google Analytics stats in a bit user-friendlier format (at least to me) and see if you've ever been featured in any Treasuries in Etsy. I had noticed a couple weeks ago that one of my Light Bulb Beanies was getting a lot of views and hearts and wondered why now, all of a sudden. Turns out, it had been featured in a Treasury that made the front page of Etsy! Then, just today, I noticed my Female Silhouette Beanie is featured in another Treasury! How nice is that?! So flattering and encouraging to keep doing what I'm doing. Which is nice because when you're not making sales, knowing that people at least like what you're creating is very motivating.

All of this goes hand-in-happily-coincidental-hand with the fact that I planned to start featuring items I've come across throughout the week from fellow Etsy members that I like. So here's the first batch!

From top left - right:

BareTree - Black 5 piece drum kit belt

DarthDanner - Funky Fungi Necklace

ProletarianVintage - Vintage Nautical Anchor and Striped Button Ring

YummyPocket - Moustache iPhone Cozy

Mariforssell - Small Messenger with Extra Pockets - Black and White Houndstooth

designedbyDiana - Retro D Apron Bright Polka Dots

CrazyBoy - For You....Black Stripe Denim-Bag

Fongstudio - The Apple Tree's Wishes

DillonDesigns - Great Big Owl Ring

Oktak - Clutch Purse - Orange Mother Bird and Baby

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