Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Photo Play

Photography for the shop has been on my mind lately and I find myself continuously interrupting my knitting to wander over, grab my camera, and do a little instant photo shoot. I can't help that the quality of my pictures can't be improved (my little point-and-shoot camera being what it is) but thought maybe the content could. For example:

The photo on the left is the shot I'm currently using on Etsy. The shot to the right is the one I just took today. I've noticed that other Etsyers sometimes place complimentary backgrounds to their items, so this is my attempt at that. But does it look like I'm hocking the bag in the background or does it make my zip up bag pop? And then, if it does succeed in accenting my knitted item, that means I have to find something for every one of my different designs because I'd like all the shots in my shop to have a bit of uniformity. I really have to think about that - I mean, what am I gonna get to compliment my Tecnico y Rudo beanies? What do you think of the shots? Am I heading in a better direction or should I leave it as is? And should I not bother to worry about uniformity? Here's another example:

It should also be noted that the shots on the left were done using daylight bulbs. The shots on the right are using natural light. On the knitting front, I've managed to crank out a few more fingerless gloves and even started sizing one up for the fellas.

I haven't added graphics to any of them but will probably start doing so next week. I wanna have a variety of colors completed so I know what I'm playing with!

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