Friday, August 6, 2010

Etsy Finds Friday and Fruitless Knitting

Here's this week's picks, including some from local Miami artisans:

From left - right:

Anoriginaljewelry - Camera Silhouette Necklace
ElleGanT - MOUSE cute cashmere hat
Mishky - Dreamcatcher series Turquoise Gold and Coral Sterling Silver
GiantDwarf - Rosette Fascinator - The Bluebird
thekarmatree - Birds of a Feather Mod Birds Friendship Necklace
jDUCT - Toy Soldier Duct Tape Wallet
Studiojellyfish - Comic Bangle
Signaturetshirts - El Jefe The Boss Spanish T Shirt

True to my word, as soon as I finished up the latest pair of mittens I was working on, I immediately switched over to making a ladies' beanie I've had in mind for a while.  I decided to just wing it - no notes to go off of or pattern to adapt and adjust - and it was going to turn out AWESOME.

I'll state it bluntly: I was not successful.

I wanted this item to have some texture and detail - relatively different from the simple beanies I've made so far - and while I like the way my ribbing turned out, the rest became a disaster pretty quickly. The great thing about knitting is that if something isn't working, all you have to do is undo it. No yarn wasted, no needles harmed. But, boy, does it feel like a waste of a day. Knitting is not a quick activity, folks! I suppose I could "cheat" and take a look at how someone else has accomplished something similar, but I take very seriously the fact that what we sell has to be original and well-executed and I don't want my items influenced even subconsciously by someone else's design. I refuse to look at the details of other folks work for that very reason and at the most reference "how to" books when trying to remember a basic technique. I'm not saying the items I create have never been made before (I didn't invent the concept of knitting beanies or mittens or scarves, afterall) but how I accomplish the creation of them is all my own. So, I've set aside my hideous beanie for now and gone back to the mittens. But after this set is done, away to try again I go!

Crafting this weekend will be pretty limited for me since we have friends in from DC and plenty of fun-having to do before they leave Sunday night, including watching them perform Saturday at the Miami Salsa Congress! But I intend to make time to try to tackle another new pattern - maybe not the beanie again yet - so I don't get stuck in the mitten rut. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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