Friday, August 20, 2010

Etsy Finds Friday and Goodies!

From left - right:

artallnight - mermaid and anchor necklace
mediumcontrol - Carry All Iconic Camera Bag Khaki
retrowhale - Magnet set Build Your Own Favorite Directors
mojospastyle - Metallic Silver Flower Headband
gardensofwhimsy - Blue skies a whimsical butterfly clip
ableandgame - Romantic Card I don't have a lazy eye BOY VERSION
diffractionfiber - The Cameo Pillow
PoorRobin - Button Bracelet - My Little Mod Garden
janinebasil - Silver glitter bow headband
FableAndFury - Fawned of You 2 headed deer necklace in satin

I finally, FINALLY received goodies I ordered over a month ago. The delay was due to a shipping mix-up (don't ask) but perfect timing now since I decided I'm not knitting next week. Instead, I'll be playing with a gazillion buttons! And my first knitting loom ever! Wait - does that count as knitting? I mean, I won't be using needles. I think I can allow it. Especially since I'll be using far chunkier yarn than I have been lately. I'll put it off 'til the end of the week - how 'bout that? I'm so excited! Oh, the ideas spinning around in my head - I need more hands! I love getting new stuff to experiment with. And I know you're probably saying "they're just buttons" but I'm saying "they're BUTTONS." See the diff?

I made a few more mittens this week and will try to finish the slouchy beanie before my knitting weekend is over but come Monday, these hands won't touch knitting needles. I've made my list to make the most of this free creative week and first up is making something that requires my sewing machine. What that is exactly, I don't yet know, but it'll be fun. Or frustrating. It could really go either way.

Currently shuffling through my soundsystem: Brothers album by The Black Keys. I rarely listen to albums in full but I like almost every song on this one, especially the last half of the album.

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