Friday, August 13, 2010

Etsy Finds Friday

daphnenen - Rolling Forward with Handmade Large Pleated Bag
claraiuribe - NEW The original sewing machine Needlecase No 1
annyandme - Delila Bag Martini Blossom
blockpartypress - Cloud 9
ghostlovejewelry - A Mighty Ship GORGEOUS ANTIQUED SILVER

I started this post late today because AT&T had to come back out AGAIN for the same problem from last week. Which is, conveniently, never being a problem when they show up. So, only five Etsy Finds today - but better some than none - especially that adorable needlecase!

I've spent this week working on making men's mittens and the slouchy ladies' beanie that frustrated me so last week. Wanna see the progress?

I'm really digging the beanie so far - it's too large to be a beret but not quite large enough to hold rasta dreads, at least not yet! - but have gotten stuck on the decreasing part. I've undone my decreases THREE times (and on over 170 stitches that ain't no joke) and refuse to start again until I know for sure I've mapped it out correctly. Hence the going back to my trusty mittens. At least they're the ones for the fellas this time! I find them so easy and enjoyable to make and seem to have nailed down a good average size, so now it's just a matter of bangin' out all the colors I have for guys. And I already know I need to stock up on more yarn. Taking a look at my inventory the other day, which isn't miniscule, I realized I had less to work with than I thought I did. What's a girl to do but order more? Hee.  

This weekend seems to be shaping up to be very low key so I hope to knock out at least a couple more mittens and maybe even finish that beanie. Oh, but how I hate to be frustrated so I don't know - I might put it off 'til next week.

Currently shuffling through my soundsystem: it's a Chet Baker kind of afternoon. I've had the Funny Valentine album on repeat for a couple hours now. There's just something good about slow, jazzy trumpets.

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