Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Recap

This past Friday we went to see a small exhibit entitled Falsos Positivos at a gallery near our home. While the exhibit was interesting and well done, the best part was running into Karyna from Papersquid and being able to chat with her for a bit that night. She's so friendly and makes such pretty prints and stationary. Here's some examples of her work:

Gorgeous, right? You can see more at her etsy shop here. So glad I'm getting a chance to know her. Besides that brief activity, I spent the rest of the weekend working it up like some sort of craft fiend. Not only did I knock out all the gifts I wanted to make for my sister (while singing at the top of my lungs to whatever shuffled through my iTunes) but I also managed to make three more mitten sets! Suck on that carpal tunnel and back pain! You can't keep me down! Ain't nothing gonna stop me from crafting! (except for maybe lack of supplies or actual immobility.)

I felt such accomplishment this weekend - with all the usual errands and quality time spending with The Doomed and Moondoggie, I'm usually lucky if I can get ONE set of mittens done in both days - and when The Doomed saw me sweating it out in my dining room workspace, he came up with this for me:

Can you spot Moondoggie?

Way to contribute to my craftiness! It's like an IV of crafty energy! He knows I hate how hot the dining room gets and the fact that I have to share the space with our actual meal eating, so he brought in some legs he got from who-knows-where, plopped an oversized dry-erase board he had brought home for himself on top, and - tah dah! - instant table. So now I get to work right next to my desk and underneath the deliciousness of two air conditioning vents AND an overhead fan and easily collapse everything away when I don't need it. Such a great solution for our limited space and my anal retentive need to have everything looking neat at all times.

I capped off what I consider an AWESOME weekend with some delicious steak and mash potatoes that Boy Toy prepared and grilled, Inka Cola drinking, a little knitting, and True Blood and Mad Men watching. Ah, sweet satisfaction. It's the simple things that make me happy. Hope your weekend was just as great! 

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