Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things I Miss About LA

It goes without saying that I miss my friends and family, but these are the things I miss most about my hometown:

My Old Neighborhood (Sunset Blvd. and Martel Ave.)

Summertime movie watching at Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Eating the yummy food at Lala's Argentine Grill
Graumann's Chinese Theater (I loved catching a movie here after a long day of work, all by my lonesome)
The Arclight (ditto - and still have my membership card!)

The Bigfoot Lodge (where I first learned the true art of graceful drunkeness)
Late night dinner/early breakfast at Mel's Diner after drinking with friends.
Late night grubbing on Carney's chili hot dog and chili cheese fries.
Feeding my Superman obsession at Meltdown Comic Bookstore
Driving the PCH on the way to El Matador beach
Being able to look up and see the Hollywood sign
And, finally, getting to see Hepcat and Ozomatli at least once a year.


  1. Who's closet is Hepcat playing in? The keyboardist is one step away from playing in the hallway. Hee. I love Greg's lisp! Or should I say "listhp"!

  2. Right? I don't think I'd ever noticed he has a lisp, but I don't care - it doesn't affect his singing!