Monday, August 23, 2010

Sewing Project Monday!

Alright, so it's a small project but one I've been meaning to do for a long time, so it counts! I had seen all these adorable pin cushions on Etsy and thought "I bet I could do that" so today was my day to tackle it. I had some fabric that I didn't really know what to do with - it's only a small amount and the graphic doesn't really allow for me to use it as lining for one of my bags - but while digging through my fabrics today it occurred to me that it'd be perfect for my pin cushion. Here's a brief picture tutorial of what I did:

It was still missing something so I added a button to the center of the front and back to create a little extra tension.

NOW it's complete!
So quick and easy to make, I wanna make twenty more! I don't need that many, unfortunately, but totally intend to tackle making a pin cushion for my wrist next. Eventually. My new pin cushion will replace the ugly chicken? duck? that my mother gave me many years ago and that I love but that is in a sorry state after being handled by the neck one too many times.

Besides the pin cushion, I altered a skirt and started altering a top. I also started the graphics on one of the mens' mittens and am pretty confident I'll complete the pair before day's end. I got so much more done than I usually do in one day! Normally, it's just a monotonous "I made a mitten today" but look how much more I have to report! Also, I technically finished the slouchy beanie this weekend but have decided that I need to undo just a bit and make it a little longer. So I can't show that one off yet. I also started another slouchy beanie, with a different design, but wasn't able to finish it before my No Knitting Week began, so that one's gotta wait, too.

Projects, projects, projects  and not a knitting needle in sight - I love it!


  1. Oh, right. Yeah. Almost forgot. Gotta make TWO green lantern costumes with my minimal sewing skills. Easy peesy!

    Hey, wouldn't you rather get this:

    Comes with built-in abs and Frankenstein-like feet! Can't beat that.