Friday, August 27, 2010


I know it's supposed to be Etsy Finds Friday, but I haven't spent anytime looking at Etsy this week. Instead, today, I will show you the project I made with my sewing machine. No, it's not the dress. I know, I know, but I got a little intimidated when I unfolded the tissue with the pattern and thought I should start with something a little simpler. Ready to see?

I MADE A SKIRT! You're probably thinking "big deal, it's a skirt" but for me it's very exciting. This project was full of firsts for me:  I drafted and cut out my own pattern, made pockets and was careful the patterns of the fabric for the pockets and front of the skirt lined up with each other, made my own bias binding and machine-sewed said binding, and inserted a zipper using my sewing machine. I feel so triumphant! It turns out I know a little more about sewing than I thought I did. I spent two days making this skirt (well, along with other projects) and spent a lot of time taking careful measurements and seriously contemplating each cut before I made it. Still, there was lots of sewing and unsewing, but in the end it all came together. Even if the inside of the skirt isn't great looking - but who's gonna see that anyway? Here's a couple close-ups:

They're awful pictures but I have no time for photoshopping - I wanted to get it posted! I wish I had taken pictures of the skirt in progress, but I just wasn't that diligent. I was so determined to finish this skirt today that I haven't even eaten! Just an apple in the morning and a pear an hour ago. Now I'm starving! But so happy. I even did my happy dance (yes, I have a happy dance). The best part is I made a skirt that fits me perfectly using my scary ol' sewing machine. And my pin cushion got a lot of use, too.

No Knitting Week is almost over and it's been awesome. I haven't made all the things I wanted to for lack of time and materials, but I have no complaints. And even though I'll be picking the knitting needles back up on Monday, I'm gonna keep making time for other projects. It's silly to think I have to knit all the time just 'cause I have deadlines. So next up, tackling that dress!

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