Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No Knitting Week Progress

I have been having such a great time working on other crafts this week. Yesterday I altered two tops, pulled out three t-shirts that need fitting, started one, and finished the graphics for two mittens. The altered clothing is boring to look at since they were simple alterations and I didn't take any before pictures anyway but the fingerless mittens I am LOVING. Wanna see?


And how about some action shots?

Modeled here by The Doomed.


I started with the guys' mittens since it was easier to decide what graphics to embroider. I placed the graphic so that it's off-center and curved on the hand - half on the palm, half on the back of the hand. I am so happy with the way they turned out! And deciding which graphics to put on the others, including the ladies' mittens, has been super easy now. I've even already finished another mitten. Sadly, I don't think I'll be able to complete the graphics for all the mittens this week, but I should be able to make some good headway and maybe even start listing some soon! Well, if I'm able to do a photoshoot this weekend, that is.

I have been having so many ideas since this week began, even the perfecting of ideas I had had but wasn't completely sure how to accomplish. I actually stayed up 'til 2am last night thinking about them and reseaching material I would need for them! One thing I want to accomplish, though, is making an outfit with my sewing machine. I have a small collection of vintage patterns and I really want to try to tackle making one before my No Knitting week is over. I don't even know if I have enough material and certainly know I don't have the skill, but I wanna give it a go anyway. This is the pattern I decided on for my first attempt:

Do you think this is too ambitious for someone with very little sewing experience and who's always afraid to cut fabric for fear of ruining it? Sewing's not like knitting, people! If I screw up knitting, I just have to undo everything and wind the yarn back into a ball. If I screw up cutting fabric to sew, I'm shit out of luck.

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  1. The mittens look AWESOME!!
    Hee, I might have to get some for Izzy. Might! :)

    Dude, just go for it! The pattern looks really cute.